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Rick Flora



Mr. Flora obtained his Bachelors’ in Chemistry from Loma Linda University in June, 1968. After graduation Mr. Flora started as a chemist then quickly became chief chemist in the quality control laboratory of a small firm that manufactured dietary supplements as well as over-the-counter and prescription drugs. He left that firm to take a position as Assistant Director of Quality Control for a major pet health care manufacturer. Mr. Flora was then Director of Quality Control at three different firms.  Two were dietary supplement manufacturers.  The third was the firm where he first started as a chemist. Over the course of his career, Mr. Flora has dealt with quality control, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs issues pertaining to dietary supplements, drugs, controlled substances, conventional foods, cosmetics, and pet health care products.


Mr. Flora founded R. FLORA & ASSOCIATES in May, 1989. In September, 1990 he purchased Food and Drug Service, Inc. and incorporated their assets into R. FLORA & ASSOCIATES.

Paulette Flora

Vice President


Paulette Flora obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from California State University at Los Angeles in 1970. After graduation, Mrs. Flora worked first as a lab technician, then as a chemist in the quality control laboratory of a manufacturer of solid oral dosage form pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. She then progressed to management roles at a couple of biomedical and medical device companies. 


Mrs. Flora had over 8 years experience in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries and over 19 years experience in the medical device industry before joining R. FLORA & ASSOCIATES in 1999 as a regulatory consultant. At R. FLORA & ASSOCIATES she currently handles label preparation and review, establishment registration, product listing, and the U.S. agent program as well as research projects pertaining to regulatory issues.

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