Facility and Imported Food Inspections

The Secretary of Health and Human Services is required to allocate resources to increase the frequency of inspections for domestic high-risk, non-high risk and foreign facilities and articles of food imported into the United States based on safety risk profiles.

Food Tracking Pilot Program

The Secretary of Health and Human Services must establish a pilot project to research and evaluate methods for rapidly and effectively tracking and tracing processed food or foods to identify the source of an outbreak and the recipients of contaminated food. The Secretary must create a tracking and tracing system after reviewing the results of the pilot project.

High-Risk Food Tracking.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services must publish a notice of proposed rule making that imposes additional record-keeping requirements for facilities that manufacture, process, pack or hold foods that the Secretary designates as high-risk. The additional requirements will protect sensitive information such as trade secrets, and the opportunity for public input will be given during the comment period. Certain, listed facilities that are required to register as a food facility under Sec. 415 of the federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act are will be exempted from the additional record-keeping requirements.

Mandatory Recall

The Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to provide a responsible party with the opportunity to cease distribution and recall an adulterated or misbranded article of food (if exposure will cause serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals); or order a responsible party to immediately cease distribution and provide notice to relevant persons if the responsible party does not voluntarily cease distribution or recall the article for food. The Secretary may also recall an article if necessary, but only after the opportunity for a hearing.

Food Safety Grants

The program for grants provided to States, territories, Indian tribes and nonprofit food safety training entities for food safety inspections has been expanded and will include training to the standards set by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, examinations, inspections, investigations and other related food safety activities pertaining to the manufacturing, processing, packing, holding, distribution of and importation of food. Additionally, the grants will build the capacity of laboratories to detect disease and the infrastructure of the food safety programs.

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